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The Canine Treat Club™

Join the wait list to be ready to get nutritious, easy-to-make treat recipe collections each month and explore what truly makes food healthy, and a treat for your dog with our veterinary herbalist, Susan Johnson,  who has not forgotten the healing power of nature.

The Canine Treat Club

Love, Nurture, Nourish//

For all dog companions, dog trainers and behaviourists:

  • Explore what food is nutritious and truly a treat for your dog.
  • Get a 4 treat recipe collection that contains recipes that have been formulated by a veterinary herbalist specifically for dogs using easy to access pantry items.
  • Just like a book club, but waaaay better! You get to share the fun with your dog
  • Create healthy treats for your dog and discover simplicity, health and fun wrapped up in a recipe collection you experience and enjoy each month with your dog.

Is This You

Any Day,
Any Time //

Are you:

  • Over reading the list of ingredients on a packet and thinking you need a chemical dictionary just to make a choice and take it to the check out register?
  • Questioning how healthy can a bag of chemicals really be?
  • Enjoy dabbling in the kitchen, but are overwhelmed by finding simple nutrition, easy recipes that your dog will enjoy and don’t all include peanut butter and carob?

Food Reimagined

Veterinary herbalist curated dog treat recipes for animal companions seeking healthy, easy alternatives to the pet food store gloss.

Recipes taste tested by our Chief Taste Tester, Isabella, with nary a carob chip nor spoons of peanut butter in sight!

Fresh Ingredients

Each recipe comes with a notes section suggesting alternative ingredients making each recipe suitable to almost every pantry, fridge or treat taster.

Bonus Info

In the Willow Wise Therapies School you get instant access to the accompanying Nourish ‘n Flourish video for the month.

The video tells the story of the recipes selected for the month, the ingredients and their combined synergy as a treat.


A Fresh Approach to Food //

The Canine Treat Club™ is a tale of food and friendship, creatively led by your dog and you. Become more discerning about the food choices you offer your dog by going beyond the pet food store into your own kitchen to find the treats your dog loves.  Act on that desire to dabble in the kitchen and explore your connection with your dog through food.

  • Discover simplicity in dog treats.
  • Discover new sources for healthy ingredients.
  • Discover ingredients and recipes that your dog (and you!) can safely eat.
  • Discover tips and tricks in preparation, nutrition and alternative ingredients.
  • Discover new techniques and uses for treats to build the bond between you and your dog.

The Canine Treat Club

Love & Spice & All Things Nice//

The Canine Treat Club™ is for every dog companion who wants to dabble a little in the kitchen with a little bit of purpose, a little bit of guidance and a whole lot of fun.

  • Share the spoils with your dog, knowing exactly what went into the food choices you offer to them: healthy ingredients bound together with a whole lot of love.
  • Learn how recipes ingredients are like characters in an Enid Blyton book in the Nourish ‘n Flourish video that accompanies the recipes each month.  Ingredients, and treats, can be good, mischievous or just misunderstood misfits in your dog’s body. 
  • Chat about the matter of food, relationships, nourishment and the treats you and your dog like the most with other animal companions in our private Facebook group.


It’s complicated buying dog treats

‘Increasing marketing claims and misinformation about pet nutrition and the spillover of trends from the human health and nutrition realm into the pet food market complicate the challenging task of educating consumers on how to best feed their pets.’

Schleicher, M., Cash, S. B., & Freeman, L. M. (2019). Determinants of pet food purchasing decisions. The Canadian veterinary journal = La revue veterinaire canadienne, 60(6), 644–650.



What The Canine Treat Club Is Known For //

No gloss or fairy dust here!

You get:

4 veterinary-herbalist-created-easy-to-make-awesome-to-taste dog treat recipes each month
$97 value
Private Facebook Group $127 value
A themed Nourish ‘n Flourish video access each month.
$297 value

Total Value: $521



The Liminal Keys™ //

Every treat recipe and video that I deliver through The Canine Treat Club™ is developed using my signature Liminal Keys process where I help you identify exactly what and why you are giving specific treats to your animal in correct amounts.

Creating an animal-centred relationship with your dog means that we need to recognize that there are invisible emotional, biochemical and physiological forces that are driving both their actions and yours.

The Liminal Keys™ is a simple five step process that gives you how to choose and deliver treats in a logical, animal-centred way. We can connect with what is beneath the surface, without needing a biochemistry degree, and we can create opportunities to truly connect to our dog with food.

We don’t need cheesy, swan diving dog marketing telling us how to deepen our conversations with our dogs.

To nourish and be nourished by our animals we need to connect deeply with what is nourishing to them, and us.

This is both nutrition and companionship.

music scale with notes


The Canine Treat Club™ //

The Canine Treat club

Tried & True //

Our veterinary herbalist and Chief-Taste-Tester, Isabella, have taken the guesswork out of preparation and safety in making and selecting food that is truly a treat for your dog.

You & your dog have the chance to discover what treats are most rewarding for nurturing your relationship, together. Don’t be limited by calories or by chemicals in choosing what your dog considers rewarding communication with you.

  • All treat recipes are professionally created by a veterinarian herbalist.
  • All ingredients are dog-friendly.
  • We use easy-to-find ingredients and offer suggestions for alternative ingredients if you don’t have the listed ingredient in your pantry
  • Our accompanying Nourish ‘n Flourish video walks you through
    • The types of ingredients;
    • The ingredient synergy as they form in a treat; and
    • The macronutrients of the recipe.


The Future is Your Dog’s,

& Yours //

What changes could you imagine if you found just one recipe that you loved making for your dog, AND your dog loved it?!

Can you imagine the peace of mind in knowing exactly what you were offering your dog to eat, from the ingredients that went into the treat, when the treat was made and why those ingredients were chosen as a healthy and enjoyable reward for your dog.

Gathering and making your dog’s own treats would definitely set the stage for a whole lot of fun … and freedom from relying on chemical concoctions as treats!




Share, Learn, Chat //

All the best things to do with your bestest buddy and other like-minded animal companions.

Create veterinary-herbalist-created-easy-to-make-awesome-to-taste treats that really excites you and your dog and spend time in conversation together.


Veterinary Herbalist

It’s Not Complicated, It’s Fun!//

Building a lexicon of words and actions through play lets us have awesome conversations with our animals 😊

Being able to use food in play, food that you know exactly what’s in it, works well for both us and our dogs. For the most part food is easy to give and is readily taken.

As a wee fluff ball, my Chief-Taste-Tester, Isabella, only had so many calories she could comfortably consume in a day. I wanted the piece of mind that I was not just ‘treating’ her with a bag of chemical flavourings. Simple-to-make-awesome-to taste treats were the solution and Isabella could help me in picking which one was the best for her.

Nearly a decade of veterinary herbalist education and clinical experience gave me the know how to find, trial and assess the nutritional value of treat recipes in my kitchen. Ultimately, though, it was meeting Isabella’s taste approval and my ability to easily hand her the treats (nothing worse than having treats drip through your fingers 😱) that decided whether a recipe was a treat.

Isabella and I designed The Canine Treat Club™ to reveal the simplicity and fun in creating your own treats.

The nutritional analysis and the initial dog tasting has been done.

We want you to have as much fun now finding your dog’s favourite as we did in creating them.

platter whole food


Do I need to know about canine nutrition before I join The Canine Treat Club™?

Nope! Even if you DON’T have a vague recollection of carbohydrates, proteins and fats from your Home Economics classes in early secondary school and your dog eats food, then you’re good to go!!

Will I need to use a spreadsheet, a calculator or fancy ingredients?

Definitely not! ..Not unless you want to, of course 😁. The Canine Treat Club™ provides you with recipes and provides you with some tips, tricks and time hacks so that you can be out of the kitchen in no time, playing with your dog.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

We don’t provide refunds for the month purchased as you have full access to the recipes published in the given month.  However, you may cancel your subscription at anytime.

The Canine Treat Club™

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The Canine Treat Club™//

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