Our intention is that sharing ideas, building connections enables you to select health management options wisely, choose suitable complementary and alternative medicines when they are considered necessary and use these medicines safely and effectively.


The Willow Wise Therapies team, with over 30 years of experience, has shaped the most credible and easily accessible complementary and alternative medicine information and support community for the layperson and professional alike.

From human to veterinary health, we have professional practitioners who are well respected authorities in their field ready to share their knowledge with you. 

Uncover the Unique Canine

Your dog is unique.  That uniqueness matters, not only in how your special bond has developed, but also in your dog’s health care.  Be confident in your knowledge of your dog to be the champion of your dog’s health care.

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Private Coaching

You have an abundance of love for your animal. You know their quirks, likes and dislikes. And you are either utterly lost and frustrated when it comes to tackling the latest challenge they have given you.  I know those moments, when you just want to give them the best, and you don’t know which answer will be right for them.

We look to our community to provide the support we need in those challenging moments. To dig deep through our network of resources to find the answer.

Each quarter I take on a limited number of private coaching animal owners needing to some specialist guidance in charting a new direction for how they best support their animal.

I meet you where you are at to design a framework to solidify your knowledge of your animal and build a blueprint to chart your animal’s health journey to the next level.

Join me for a Free Strategy call or drop me a message to outline what you are looking to achieve.


The Canine Treat Club

Build a fabulous collection of easy, healthy dog treats that your dog will LOVE!

Four weeks, two recipes a week in a simple easy to read layout and tips and suggestions to get the most fun out of creating with your dog.


Access to the private Facebook Uncover The Unique Canine group.  Loads discussion about the health of dogs and a weekly Q&A live session.

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Food for Life - Short Course

Join us for a new short course where you will learn how to take your dog’s food from just treats to digestive super power.

Four weeks, 4 modules delivered right to your inbox.  Learn how to add fresh food to you dog’s diet, to be able to confidently choose which commercial diet is best for you dog and why the food choices you and your dog make are so important to your dog’s health.


Access to the private Facebook Uncover The Unique Canine group.  Loads discussion about the health of dogs. PLUS receive The Canine Treat Club for free!

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Uncover the Unique Equine

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