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1:1 Consultation

Find your animal’s personal path to health with a 60-min 1:1 consultation with our veterinary herbalist.

Together we'll define your healthcare goals, identify the resources needed for success, and outline step-by-step healthcare actions unique to you and your animal

Canine Nourish Program

From kitchen to bowl, we explore the simple art of nourishing your canine with the Liminal Keys™.

Unlock the magic of your dog’s health in four weeks, simply, efficiently and with a whole lot of fun. Demystify, discover and reveal the foundations of good health for your dog.

Canine Treat Club

Crack your fear of canine nutrition & unleash the fun of rewarding your dog in The Canine Treat Club.

Get nutritious, easy-to-make treat recipe collections each month and explore what truly makes food healthy, and a treat for your dog with a veterinary herbalist who has not forgotten the healing power of nature: Me, Susan Johnson.

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