Transform your understanding of what it truly means to nourish your dog. Grab your furry friend and take this 4-week journey, crafted by our veterinary herbalist… and you’ll soon be stewarding your dog’s health and nutrition with ease and confidence.


‘To nourish


be nourished’

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To Nourish

transitive verb. nour·​ish

To nurture and care for an animal, a human, a plant, a feeling or belief, providing what is necessary for life, growth and good health.

Purchasing and delivering food into a bowl is but one part of your commitment to nourish your friend.

And that in itself can be a difficult ask with the increased marketing strategies for new dog food brands with potent ingredient claims and a plethora of often conflicting information on the internet.

Simply choosing the right food for your dog pretty much becomes one of the most difficult tasks for the animal companion.

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Is dog nutrition simply more confusing than our own?

52%* of Americans, and most of my clients past and present, say Yes!

I agreed over a decade ago when I started on my academic quest to uncover the truth about how best to care for my animals.

But now?

I believe that in our pursuit for convenience and off the shelf products we have lost our connection with nature.  We’ve lost our understanding of the simple rewarding value that food has for us and our dogs.

Nourishing our dogs does NOT have to be confusing!

Pet Food Industry Article No: 5407 2015 Survey Dog Owners Have Difficulty Choosing Pet Food

To worry or not to worry…


As an animal owner, we spend ALOT of time worrying about the decisions we make for our animals.  And, let’s face it, we do have to make a lot of choices for them to live with us in domesticated bliss. 

We decide what and when they get fed, when the play has to stop ‘cos we’ve got other chores to do and what and how much we spend on their health care costs. 

I use to think it was like trying to read braille figuring out what my animals needed.  My vet had to get used to the twenty questions from me every visit.  And even her calm assurances didn’t quell my niggling sense of unease that maybe I wasn’t doing everything I should.

Thankfully (for me and my vet 😁), after nine years of dedicated animal and herbal medicine academic study and over a decade in the clinic, I have a strategy to calm my disquiet and make sure I am doing the best that I can for my animals.  


It starts with nourishment,

for your animal and you.

To Nourish


Be Nourished


I’m here to say it doesn’t have to be a struggle! 


Hullo! I’m Susan.

I have a HUGE secret to share with you!

Nourishing your canine and being nourished by them is SOOOO much fun!

I’d love to chat with you about how my Liminal Keys process unlocks the simplicity of nourishment between you and your dog.  I’ll share with you what my animals and my clients have taught me over the last decade or so in practice.

Share in the magic of bringing a long held dream of mine into being where we will:

  • Demystify those ingredient labels and your dog’s digestion;
  • Discover what foods nourish and what foods are a no go for your dog; and
  • Reveal the foundations of good health for your dog.

Are you ready to be demystified & empowered to take nutrition from complicated to nourishing in 4 weeks?

Are you ready for your animal to lead the way to the kitchen and their food bowl?

Photo by Paul Wuzke

So, How do We Do This?

I’m so glad you asked!

Get ready to take what you thought you knew about a full dog food bowl to a whole new level – through this experiential course!

You will be amazed at how much you really know about your dog’s health and, with a little guidance, how beneficial bringing all the information together in a simple, practical way. 


Transformational Process

I have specially formulated my proprietary Liminal Keys process to guide you to discover, refine and augment nourishment for your dog and you.

Being your dog’s companion is not a series of transactions to be checked off during your dog’s life, a sum total of a grocery bill or number of dental visits.  

Within the Liminal Keys process you have access to philosophies, rituals and practices of living traditional western herbal medicine in a way that has not been done before for animal companions.  

You can unlock the mysteries of canine health, simply, effectively and in your own home with your dog.


Experiential Course

From kitchen to bowl, we will explore the simple art of nourishing your canine with the Liminal Keys.

You will discover the truth that canine sustenance goes far beyond calorie calculators and feed this / don’t feed that.

Realistic, practical, fun actions, including an informative digestion laboratory test are mingled together with canine health facts, examples & resources, are on this journey, and a dash of myth and magic.

Upgrade to the Very important animal owners 1-on-1 guided experience, or choose the solo route, accompanied by your dog.  

This knowledge is designed to be accessible and doable for all dog companions.


Unlimited Module Access

Come back to the modules and resources whenever you need.

Return to the modules to gather some inspirational canine kitchen magic, refresh your canine digestion knowledge or  do some canine numerology when things change in life for your dog.

You'll also have your comprehensive interactive journeybook that you completed during the course you can use to continue the development of your nourishing relationship with your animal.

The Coire of Nourishing Health

A simple approach to discovering the simple art of giving your dog the best for life, growth and good health.

To nourish and be nourished is one of the three special privileges of being a dog companion.

The Liminal Keys unlock the magic of the coires of health.

We developed this journey with YOU in mind.

We’ll take the words nourish and healthy down to the practical level by trying tips and strategies with your dog.  Get their feedback to shape your own ways to nourish each other.

Let’s follow the path together to learn more about the nourishing magic that weaves between your dog and you.


Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

If you’re like us and say cost is just a part of the commitment you make to your animal when they come into your life,  then you’ll probably be amazed to know that there are odd people out there that say cost of ownership is a deterrent to experiencing the joy of having an animal companion.  Apparently 53% of them are allowing the thought of ongoing costs and 45% the thought of extra responsibility sway their decision to not get a pet!

That’s not to say you don’t acknowledge the cost of providing good health care to your animals.  In Australia, at least half of our ongoing animal ownership costs are absorbed into food, vet and health care services.  Supermarket brand dog food is the source of providing nourishment for 60% of Australian dog owners.  Veterinary visits have increased with an average Australian household spend at each vet visit in 2019 of $546-00.*

*Animal Medicines Australia, Pets In Australia, 2019

To have a truly healthy relationship with your dog, there HAS TO BE nourishment,

for you and your dog.

Take a moment and pause, put your hand on your dog, breathe, and know that there is a strategy for you to calm the angst of those nagging questions of whether you are doing all you can for your dog to be healthy.

We have that strategy for you.

 You have two options to create your journey with your animal, taking the 1-on-1 Very Important Animal Companion (VIAC) customised experience or taking a solo journey.

Which ever path you choose, you can develop a nourishing health care approach that makes sense for you and your dog.  


The VIAC upgrade has an individual value of over $AUD1184.

  • Four consults worth over $800
  • A course with four modules worth $297
  • Digestive health test worth $87
  • Fine tuned observation skills, Priceless
  • PLUS a bonus worth $97

Self Guided Canine Nutrition Course

What's Included
  • Course teaching you a simple, effective strategy for canine nutrition and health
  • A digestive health laboratory test with general explanation of report in course module.
  • Your observation skills and fact finding fine tuned onto the story your dog tells of their health
  • Bonus #1: Join the private Facebook group to share your experiences with your fellow students and support each other.

Where Do We Start?


We’ll start with a pre-departure brief. Here you’ll be introduced to the Liminal Keys and the spaces of knowledge they will access.



You know your dog. Let’s bring your inner knowing to the fore.

Combine this knowledge with a baseline health test included as a part of the course to transform it into tangible parts of your dog’s life story.



Understanding the test results in context of a dog’s digestive system allows us to chart a course for nourishment – What will it look like for you and your dog?



We’ll formulate  a wholistic recipe with a little Kitchen Magic to follow to get to your and your dog’s destination.



Uncover the secrets of ReCIPE – a system for ensuring how health care should be centred on your animal, not on a practitioner.


How far will you have travelled on your nourishing journey with your dog?

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platter whole food


Do I need to know about canine nutrition before I start the course?

Nope! Even if you DON’T have a vague recollection of carbohydrates, proteins and fats from your Home Economics classes in early secondary school and your dog eats food, then you’re good to go!!

Do I have to feed ‘raw’ in order for my dog to be healthy and do I need to do that in this course?

Absolutely not.  Neither do you need to lock yourself into only feeding a premium brand dog food to do this course or for your dog to be healthy.  My aim is for you to understand the puzzle pieces of canine nourishment so you can put them together in a way that suits you and your dog.

Will I stop my dog’s scratching (or paw licking, or their barking, or [insert any other health conditions here]) by doing this program?

Sorry! There’s nary a prescription in sight in this course 🤓.  That’s because condition-based therapeutic nourishment is a complex activity.  There are usually a number of factors that lead to a particular condition manifesting itself that may need a coordinated approach with other clinicians to resolve or manage the condition (s). 

My goal for you is that in four weeks you will have the confidence and know how to make safe, easy and nutritious food choices for your dog. I want you to know that the choices that you make are giving him or her the awesome opportunity to develop and maintain their own innate healing mechanisms for their life.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Step into your animal’s health care with confidence. If, after completing the pre-departure module you decide that Canine Nourish journey is not for you before we start our first chapter together, just let us know and we’ll happily refund your investment.

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Your dog and you.

Sharing the journey of nourishment.

Photo by Paul Wutzke