Ne obliviscaris vis medicatrix naturae,
Forget not the healing power of nature.

We at Willow Wise Therapies are dedicated to enabling animal owners to be the champion of their animal’s health care. For too long animal health has been seen by owners to be something of an unknown, particularly when things go awry.   

We believe that you, the animal companion who knows your animal’s quirks like the back of your hand, have an as yet untapped knowledge that is just waiting to be revealed, and your animal can’t wait for you to join the conversation!

We want the world to be a place where animal health care is enriched by their human companion.  Our mission at Willow Wise Therapies is to provide easily accessible herbal, nutritional and energy medicine knowledge to enable an owner to make informed health care decisions throughout the life of their animal.

We know your animals mean the world to you, quirky and irritating-at-times that they may be. But, that is what makes them so loveable, right? 😉 Here at Willow Wise Therapies we have our fair share of characters making our lives complete and it is our responsibility to champion their lives to be lived with vim and vigour. 

We believe when we consider health care approaches that are unique to the individual,

we enable restoration of balance.

Those unique quirks of your animal are the key to clearing the confusion of what to do when your animal is out of kilter and needing your help to rebalance. 

Our signature approach is designed to help you help your animal. 

We combine evidence based living western herbal medicine with a little Celtic mythology to create a holistic learning experience that is unique for you and your animal. 

Whilst looking through the Celtic lens upon living western herbal medicine doesn’t necessarily give you the second sight, we personally, as have many of our clients, have found that it brings a special clarity, something tangible to hold and be able to more easily clear a path forward to health.

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Susan Johnson,

Founder & Principal Clinician

Willow Wise Therapies was created over two decades ago as a manifestation of my dream to facilitate wellbeing through natural therapies. Even before I was a clinic owner, I was a collaborator, an integrator.  I learned early on that I wasn’t the purveyor of all truth.  Everyone had their own perspectives, their unique experiences. My strength is being able to bring people together to share those experiences and to facilitate conversation. 

“Nature, family and animals are my joy and my motivation to facilitate clarity and choice in animal mental health.” 

My clinical focus is centred on animal mental health and behaviour.  As veterinary herbalist and clinic owner, I am committed to building and leveraging animal health care knowledge with animal owners to help them better understand their animal’s health and the role that optimised health has on the quality of the relationship between human and animal.

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Our Collaborative Clinician Network

Willow Wise Therapies is not THE solution according one person’s view.  It is a coalescing of people with skills and experiences in various health modalities.  The animal health care professionals gathered together by Willow Wise Therapies forms a specialist community guided by strength and flexibility symbolised by the willow tree and the clinic’s principle tenet, Ne obliviscaris vis medicatrix naturae, Forget not the healing power of nature.

Collaborating with animal health care industry professionals is vital for you to be able to achieve optimal wellbeing for your animal.  We know how difficult it is to navigation the myriad of possibilities and promises for a successful health care journey with your animal.  Our collaborative clinician network have been specially selected as they too understand the need for ultimate coordination of your animal’s health rests with you and actively foster integrative solutions that include other clinicians and does not isolate you to just being the bill payer. 

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