Ne obliviscaris vis medicatrix naturae,
Forget not the healing power of nature.

Willow Wise Therapies is the convergence of people, animals, complementary health resources, skills and ideas to create value by sharing ideas and sparking connections through mutually supportive partnerships.  A unique and powerful community that offers one simple message with the maxim that is the blending of my Celtic heritage with one of the core tenets of Western herbal medicine, Forget not the healing power of nature, Ne obliviscaris vis medicatrix naturae,


We are here for you, to share complementary and alternative medicine knowledge, information and experiences when you need.  It’s our job to make easily accessible and understandable what you need.

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Our History

Willow Wise Therapies was established in 1998 by me, Susan Johnson.  I have been very privileged to have had very unique opportunities to work with individuals and teams over the years developing a thorough appreciation and understanding of how to draw together the strengths of various individuals to trouble shoot difficult and challenging problems.  I am passionate, creative and honest, and I am excited to be sharing the living tradition of Western herbal medicine with you.

Why Willow Wise Therapies?

Did you happen to notice our logo? No?  It’s an Irish ogham feda.

Yes, you could be right.  When I was searching for something that would best symbolise my business identity in 1998, I found something that linked directly to my Irish and Scottish ancestors, but for a business logo, perhaps it was just plain kooky!  Bear with me a little, and I’ll explain how it’s a perfect fit for what we do!

So, the historical facts: The ogham, o (as in the O in “O  oh”) gum, is a Primitive and Old Irish writing style found on large standing stones in Ireland and the British Isles that has been dated to 3-4th centuries AD.  The centre line, an arris, has a number of small lines set against it in various groups called feda or few.  The feda which has a centre line with four small lines, , represents the letter ‘S’, with an Old Irish name of saille, “sa-lay”.  The characteristic flexibility of the willow tree made it ideal for a number of uses in early societies, such as chariot wheel spokes, boat frames, the sound box of harps and baskets in which to carry the medicinal willow bark harvest.  Celtic mythology associates willow and the letter s, with Semias, the master of wisdom and the original keeper of the Cauldron of Knowledge.

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. – Bruce Lee

The ordinary matching of the two qualities, flexibility and knowledge, was striking as I explored them in the context of the Irish history and mythology. The match formed a springboard for an intuitive leap to the awareness of how to craft my intent into services to share with others, thus becoming Willow Wise Therapies.

What followed was the creation of a turning point in my path that meandered through a number of years in tertiary education searching for robust, reliable health care information and skills with a strengthening resolve to share the living traditional, resilient knowledge of Western herbal medicine for research, innovation, inspiration and enjoyment.

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