Ne obliviscaris vis medicatrix naturae,
Forget not the healing power of nature.

Willow Wise Therapies is the convergence of people, animals, complementary health resources, skills and ideas to create value by sharing ideas and sparking connections through mutually supportive partnerships.  A unique and powerful community that offers one simple message with the maxim that is the blending of my Celtic heritage with one of the core tenets of Western herbal medicine, Forget not the healing power of nature, Ne obliviscaris vis medicatrix naturae,


We are here for you, to share complementary and alternative medicine knowledge, information and experiences when you need.  It’s our job to make easily accessible and understandable what you need.

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Our History

Willow Wise Therapies was established in 1998 by me, Susan Johnson.  I have been very privileged to have had very unique opportunities to work with individuals and teams over the years developing a thorough appreciation and understanding of how to draw together the strengths of various individuals to trouble shoot difficult and challenging problems.  I am passionate, creative and honest, and I am excited to be sharing the living tradition of Western herbal medicine with you.