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I’m Susan Johnson


Medicinal and veterinary herbalist, dormant artist and Highland dancer, crazy aunt and captivated by all things related to Irish mythology. I am the founder and principal clinician at Willow Wise Therapies, a collaborative herbal  medicine clinic that is dedicated to enabling animal owners to be the champion of their animal’s health care.  I am also an active a part of building the knowledge community in the Australian animal body worker industry.

“I believe our animals health resonates with our own.”

As an assistance dog handler and companion to four other animals, I’ve had first-hand experience in the magical ways that animals enable life.  I am honoured with having a fantastic, and sometimes challenging, animal family that help me to better observe and understand the effects of the different and sustained stimuli encountered during the life journey of both the animal and their human companion. 

My awe of my own assistance dog’s capacity to encounter, process and determine a way forward for both us in the face of many stimuli has been in stark contrast, at times, to seeing that a number of other dogs do not have this innate skill and suffer because of it.  I am keen to challenge people’s beliefs that an animal’s health is an untouchable enigma at the cost of building resiliency and peace of mind and body in their animal and in themselves. 

“Nature, family and animals are my joy and my motivation to facilitate clarity and choice in animal mental health.”

The guiding principle in my life’s journey, and in my journey as a veterinary herbalist, is Ne obliviscaris vis medicatrix naturae, Forget not the healing power of nature.  The principle is an integration and manifestation of my family heritage and the living traditions of herbal medicine. 

The Formal Version

Susan Johnson is a medicinal and veterinary herbalist and is the founder and principal clinician of Willow Wise Therapies.  As a veterinary herbalist, Susan is a firm believer of the value of knowledge sharing and have a keen interest in continuing to learn in both the research and clinical fields.   Since graduating as a medicinal herbalist in 2010, Susan has completed a Bachelor of Equine Science at Charles Sturt University and a Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine at the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Medicines Management with Professional Honours in Complementary Health at the University of Tasmania. Susan’s herbal skills and knowledge are uniquely augmented  by her background in maritime logistics, leadership and management which, along with her professional animal body work skills, provide a practical edge to her strategic planning and problem resolution expertise. 

Susan’s practitioner focus is centred on animal mental health and behaviour.  As veterinary herbalist, she is committed to building and leveraging animal health care knowledge with animal owners to help them better understand their animal’s health and the role that optimised health has on the quality of the relationship between human and animal.

Susan lives in the Hunter Valley with her two mares, two dogs who are in the process of exchanging the assistance dog duties and cat that believes all in life belongs to him.


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