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Looking for a simple approach to giving your dog the best for life, growth, and good health?

Take this four week journey with our veterinary herbalist and unlock the simplicity of nourishment between you and your dog.

Welcome to Willow Wise Therapies

We provide the ingredients and support for you to be able to create the appropriate health care choices for your animal by following the Willow Wise Therapies animal-centred health care ReCIPE.

Be confident to confront the three challenges of the animal health care champion:

  • To nourish and be nourished;
  • To lead and be led; and
  • To be understood and to understand.


We help animal companions live happily with their animal by confidently making smart, healthy choices centred on the preferences & needs of their animal.

Because, true health is not found by reducing health to a single shortfall to be corrected. It’s so much more than that.

Ways We Can Work Together

Canine Nourish Program

From kitchen to bowl, we explore the simple art of nourishing your canine with the Liminal Keys™.

Unlock the magic of your dog’s health in four weeks, simply, efficiently and with a whole lot of fun. Demystify, discover and reveal the foundations of good health for your dog.

Canine Treat Club

Crack your fear of canine nutrition & unleash the fun of rewarding your dog in The Canine Treat Club.

Get nutritious, easy-to-make treat recipe collections each month and explore what truly makes food healthy, and a treat for your dog with a veterinary herbalist who has not forgotten the healing power of nature: Me, Susan Johnson.

In 2019, 4 in 5 animal owners used the internet to find pet health information and 3 in 4 Australians feed their dog supermarket brand dog food. In the same year, Australian pet owner’s spent an estimated $2.6 billion on veterinary services.

84% of dog owners visited a vet multiple times in the 12 months prior to the survey being conducted(Animal Medicines Australia 2019)

Studies that have investigated websites related to specific veterinary topics have raised concerns about the accuracy, trustworthiness and usability of available information…

Only a minority of online consumers (25%) report they “always” or “most of the time” check the source and date of the health information they find online.(Kogan, Schoenfeld-Tacher, Simon, Viera, (2010), 8(1) https://ispub.com/IJVM/8/1/12921)

Meet the Veterinary Herbalist

Hullo, I'm Susan Johnson

I'm a veterinary herbalist for animal companions.

I work with students in my Liminal Keys™ program and one-to-one with clients to help strengthen the bond between them and their animals. The Liminal Keys™ program has been shaped over three decades and helps to enable you, the animal companion, to appreciate the similarities and differences between animals and humans. I’ve been able to use my Irish and Scottish ancestry and love of storytelling to weave animal knowledge and facts into patterns that are easily accessed by my clients and students so that they can then be shared with their animals.

Fun Fact: If the world could accommodate it, I would ride my horses everywhere, perhaps with a gypsy caravan in tow.